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DeLonghi EC 860

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Brand: De'Longhi
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(DeLonghi EC 860)
  • 02 Jul 2018, Mon
Very good
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Makes a very good coffee and simple to use

tree feller
  • 05 Mar 2018, Mon
I bought this to replace an identical machine which had ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought this to replace an identical machine which had worn out through prolonged use. Unfortunatly the replacement was faulty from the beginning and leaked water all over the counter when switched on.


  • 11 Feb 2018, Sun
Hi I have a problem with the machine Is it ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

HiI have a problem with the machineIs it not workingPlease to send someone to check it why is not workThank youKind Regards DiyanaMy address is 513 Lordship LaneN22 5DL

  • 11 Feb 2018, Sun
Five Stars
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

really good machine in love:)

ilona wis
  • 08 Oct 2017, Sun
Five Stars
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Great coffee maker

  • 04 Aug 2017, Fri
Rubbish. In what world is it acceptable for a ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Rubbish.In what world is it acceptable for a coffee machine to deliver a thimble full of coffee by default? After spending quite a while waking up from standby!Yes, if you hang around near it, you can push the button again and make it deliver more. Then it may remember that measure as the default for a while, until it next goes into standby. Then ...Maybe this behaviour is acceptable to Italians, but surely not to human beings

Jim M
  • 29 Jul 2017, Sat
Excellent product !
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Very good quality and price. Bought it for my husband as a birthday present :) he loves it !

  • 25 Jun 2017, Sun
The perfect cup
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

We are VERY happy with this machine. If you watch a couple of Youtube videos, you can discover all of the hidden settings and all of the amazing features this machine has. Simply search for De'Longhi EC860 tutorials.

Brian and Lisa R.
  • 16 Jun 2017, Fri
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Decided to treat ourselves to a new coffee machine as ours had started leaking ordered from Amazon Warehouse and are very happy with the product we can make the drink we enjoy and use it more than we did our old one yes it was strange which button to press but do read the instructions and you will soon be enjoying a nice coffee

  • 27 May 2017, Sat
Perfect machine
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had for 6 months now and it working great. Makes delicious coffee, proper Italian taste. Very easy to use and keep clean.

  • 20 Apr 2017, Thu
Great....while it works....but both mine have failed within 2 years.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Writing this in the hope it may help others make an informed purchaseThis machine is great, and makes lovely coffee, especially cappuccinos, which is specifically why I got it - the automatic milk frothing. When it is working, I have no issues or complaints.Unfortunately, if you are a regular coffee drinker and are likely to use this a few times each day, then don't expect it to last. I received this product as a warranty replacement after purchasing a EC850M from Amazon. That machine lasted 15 months before the milk would no longer froth. The machine was sent for repair, the repair failed, a few months later, Delonghi sent me a replacement machine, a EC860M.That machine lasted 21 months, and again, now the milk no longer froths. So, two very similar machines, and neither managed 2 years of daily operation.I used mine maybe 3 or 4 times a day, so if you do this, it will probably fail within the warranty period, so you should manage to get it repaired or replaced - after some hassle and delay. If you use it less often, you may be more unlucky and it might last a bit longer and fail just outside the warranty period.Therefore, I may just be very unlucky, but it might be prudent to assume that this is a possibility when making your purchase.UPDATEAs a last resort before I get rid of the machine, I figured I would try descaling it, as the light just came on on the final attempt to get the thing to work! And to my surprise, during the process, I noticed some chunks come out of the water spout during the process...and unbelievably, the machine has sprung back to life. Automatic milk frothing now works again, and it sounds surprisingly healthy, so I'm now wondering if I should descale it more often than when the light appears...might be worth a shot to anyone who is about to sling their machine out...

Tim B.
  • 15 Feb 2017, Wed
Came and didnt work out the box. Bought on ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Came and didnt work out the box. Bought on Black Friday so they wouldn't offer a replacement, had to contact Delonghi which is a pain in the ass, bought as a present for Christmas, its now February 15th and I still have never had a cup of coffee made from this thing

  • 10 Jan 2017, Tue
Five Stars
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Everything was perfect!!!

Amazon Customer

  • 10 Jan 2017, Tue
Brilliant machine.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This machine is marvellous. I wanted a better coffee machine. I am a coffee hound, having a Nespresso Latissimia, a French press, a percolator and several drip filters. However only the Nespresso was giving me what I felt was a decent cup of coffee, and the capsules are expensive. Initially I wanted a bean to cup machine, but having done my research I was less in love with them after I read up. I was doubtful about this machine, as it has a patented portafilter, a pressurised type basket, rather than a 'standard' type. However having done my research again, and understood that an entry level espresso machine and acceptable grinder would set me back at least £550 and require me to turn making a coffee into an actual hobby with the level of knowledge required, I went off that idea too. I do love my Nespresso Latissima, and I love the easy milk frother feature which means you get a cappucino or latte at the touch of a button. (They call it a Macchiato, the only difference is that latte is coffee in cup first, Macciata is milk in cup first. They are the same thing pretty much)Hence my decision to go for this machine - I have the choice of full semi- automatic, or using the attached wand. (I cant be bothered to fiddle in the morning). I don't have to learn how to pull a perfect espresso and waste a lot of shots adjusting the basket and grind size every time I want to try a different coffee, so the pressurised portafilter is actually a good thing.All you do is fill the portafilter, put it into the machine, press the button, and I get a really exceedingly nice coffee. I can use whatever coffee I want. The coffee comes out very hot, and there are 3 temperature options to pick from. You can also change the amount of water and milk auto delivered, but I haven't, The factory settings are perfect for me (same drinks size as the Latissima as delivered) This also has a two year guarantee. Worth every penny. I love this machine. There is nothing to dislike about it. And it looks great too as an added bonus.

Miss A Nonymous
  • 18 Dec 2016, Sun
18 months and totally broken again!!!!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

18 months and totally broken again!!!! This is the second one we have had as we love the coffee it makes and the way the milk is froathed but it is NOT built to last and we have tried desperately to look after them! The pump inside just seems to stop working so you can't even then get the cleaning process to finish! Very disappointed :(

  • 19 Nov 2016, Sat
... now and I have to say it makes the best coffee
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Have had this machine for a few months now and I have to say it makes the best coffee ever

  • 20 Sep 2016, Tue
Four Stars
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

makes great coffee, from a great brand name , simple easy to use and iam delighted with it

Amazon Customer
  • 22 Jun 2016, Wed
Five Stars
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Son delighted with his birthday gift

Banji long
  • 20 Jun 2016, Mon
Not a a very good machine
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had to send this back, as the coffee was only warm and could not do anything about it. The milk container was flimsy and I think would a soon break. I would not recommend this product, looks good but the coffee not so good. Amazon were brilliant about the returns

Jackie B
  • 28 May 2016, Sat
Excellent espresso machine
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is an excellent coffee machine. After spending a lot of time looking at various different machines. ....from manual through to fully automatic (as quite fancied one of the bean-to-cup machines) i decided to buy this one, as it's very similar to my previous one, which made great coffee.This coffee machine seems so much more powerful and has exceeded our expectations.You can set the temperature of the water and you can set it to how much coffee you want it to pour.The milk frother frothed the milk in half the time of my previous machine.It comes with a milk holder that you can use to make a latte or cappuccino which you can also set the amount of milk and coffee. We don't even use this as the manual is so quick and easy to use.Didn't find the instructions very helpful but after watching a review on YouTube and seeing how the machine worked it was very simple to use. It uses less coffee for more taste making my precious coffee machine look somewhat inferior. I highly recommend this product. If you're looking for an easy machine to use to make great tasting coffee look no further.


Product Description

De'Longhi Premium 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine, 145 W - Stainless Steel

Box Contains

1 x Delonghi Stainless Steel Premium Pump EC860.M Espresso Machine