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Gaggia Gran Style RI8323

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Brand: Gaggia
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(Gaggia Gran Style RI8323)
  • 18 Jun 2016, Sat
Two years of good coffee
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I was pleased with it but after two years it stopped working altogether. Can't find any helpful info on the website or int manual, other than go and check solenoids etc which is beyond my level of DIY.

  • 28 Mar 2015, Sat
Leaked everywhere on 1st use.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Absolute rubbish. Bought to replace my 14 year old krupps entry level espresso which I bought for £30 around 14 years ago. The full tank leaked all over the worktop on my first attempt to use it! Avoid and save yourself the disappointment and hassle of arranging a refund.


  • 06 Mar 2015, Fri
The machine was too light and flimsy for my liking ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The machine was too light and flimsy for my liking. When trying to place the coffee pod in place I had to hold the machine down; it was a major task to seat the pod correctly and even then I couldn't get it to work. No messing, ... I returned the item.

Miss Lyn Ozolins
  • 23 Jan 2015, Fri
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had two of these, returned two these. First one pump faulty, second water heater failed. I've heard from a few people that since Phillips brought the brand things have gone a bit downhill. Disappointed.

Ringo Mountbatten
  • 14 Dec 2014, Sun
Lack of pressure, cheap components
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

tgua has been a mistake. Attracted by the offer and the brand we decided to go for it to discover that making coffe takes now ages and is not as good as with our old Krups. The cheap plastics and an overall poor usability complement this negative review as is now clear that we should have spent some more money on buying a different brand.

  • 22 Apr 2014, Tue
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought this as my old Delonghi was on its last legs, I had a bit of trouble from the start with no water coming through, it then decided to work but this only lasted for a few days and the same thing happened again. I have since bought another Delonghi and would definitely recommend. Great return policy from Amazon though as I was refunded within days.

  • 11 Feb 2014, Tue
It simply does not work!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I have had Gaggia Espresso machines for years. I have been delighted with them and when I saw this model, I thought it would replace the more solid, metal Gaggia I already have but is beginning to brew more slowly.I've now had three delivered to me, each one faulty First flooded everywhere, second wouldn't make coffee, just stream, third one after jiggling the steam dial did make a lovely cup of coffee, as I would expect from Gaggia, but not the next time I tried.At that point, I looked up comments online to find there are many disappointed people out there, all with the same problems.How sad a recognised manufacturer is produce such second-class goods.

Ellie Thomas

Product Description

Compact Design and Professional Performance with the new Crema Perfetta Filter Holder. Gran Gaggia offers the passion of traditional preparation in a compact stainless steel design for a perfect Italian Espresso. The new Crema Perfetta pressurized filter holder guarantees a long lasting delicious Crema - everytime.

Classic milk frother

The classic milk frother on this Gaggia Espresso machine, traditionally called "Panarello", turns milk into gorgeous milk froth within seconds for a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or more. It also delivers hot water for tea.

Perfect pressure

The 15bar pressure of your Gaggia coffee machine will make sure you always get the authentic Espresso taste.

Cup plate

The cup plate on top of the Espresso machine makes it easy to always have a cup handy.

Coffee pods compatible

Our Gaggia manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for so called ESE (easy serve Espresso) pods. These ESE pods are perfectly portioned and make it easier to operate a manual Espresso machine.

Pressurized filter holder

The pressurized filter holder on your Gaggia machine will create an Espresso with the perfect Crema.

Box Contains

1 x Expresso machine
1 x User manual
1 x Guarantee

Brand Gaggia
Model Number RI8323/01
Colour Black
Item Weight 4 Kg
Product Dimensions 26.5 x 29.7 x 20 cm
Capacity 1 litres
Volume Capacity 1 litres
Power / Wattage 950 watts
Voltage 240 volts
Material Stainless Steel
Special Features Cup Warmer, Milk Frother, Removable Tank