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Beem Espresso Perfect Ultimate 20 bar

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Brand: Beem
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(Beem Espresso Perfect Ultimate 20 bar)
  • 21 Apr 2019, Sun
Coffee machine
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Not very happy with product. The water doesn't heat up very much and is luke warm.

lyn O'Neill
The built-in professional pump BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate has enormous power. With its 20 bar pressure is stronger than all the pumps that we have so far tested by BEEM Germany. This should create a particularly full aroma. The milk foam, which can be produced with the help of the built-in milk frother, is stronger and creamier than other machines. The Italian espresso machine promises about 30% higher consistency. Due to the high pressure, the BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate is designed to achieve maximum release of aroma and a reduction in bitter substances. But some customers criticize that the water is forced too fast through the sieve due to the high pressure and the aroma can not fully develop. Here less might be more.   taste BEEM Espresso Perfect Ultimate The BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate allows the preparation of various delicious coffee specialties. The crema works well and the milk foam is actually much stronger than other machines. At your own discretion, you can use Espresso Perfect Ultimate coffee powder, espresso powder, coffee pods or E.S.E pads in BEEM Germany to create coffee specialties to your taste. Two cups can be filled at the same time and with the supplied accessories you can start directly.   criticism The BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect can compete with professional machines and creates a great result at a very good price-performance ratio. Due to the high pressure, the crema and the milk foam have a good consistency and almost always succeed. Of course, the result is always dependent on the ingredients used, but we were able to convince the machine in these points. Real connoisseurs may find the pressure disturbing, as the Italian professional pump presses the espresso too quickly through the portafilter and no full flavor can be achieved. But we could find no difference in taste and find that this is a gripe on a high level.   recommendations The machine is well suited for everyday use and is also suitable for professional use. The preparation is fast and uncomplicated and the result is really good. The BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate is easy to clean and operate. It is compact and fits in every kitchen. Real connoisseurs can be bothered by the high pressure, which brings a great crema and good milk froth, since the aroma can not fully develop.   Conclusion: BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate BEEM Germany Espresso Perfect Ultimate - 1 The Italian espresso machine BEEM Perfect Ultimate offers a good price-performance ratio and is recommended for those who like to drink espresso with a great crema. For real connoisseurs, the aroma might not seem full, but for average coffee drinkers like us the taste was perfectly adequate and delicious. The machine looks good, appear in use but not as wertig how can expect the appearance. The numerous possibilities of preparation we found great and the solid milk foam has convinced us. Overall, we could hardly find criticisms. Just like the customers, who seldom found any quality defects after the purchase and had to process returns.