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Bodum 10903

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Brand: BODUM
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(Bodum 10903)
  • 27 Apr 2020, Mon
Broke after about a month
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought it at a BODUM store in Frankfurt, Germany, together with a french press. It looks really nice and was even a bit cheaper as it was a special deal. As long as it was still working, it did a great job, maybe a bit messy but that's OK. I used it for filter coffee and french press. After a very short time it started to become unreliable. Often it just wouldn't start after pushing the button. Cleaning helped sometimes but not always (faux contact?). Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to bring it back. When I read, that I wasn't the only one with this issue, I decided to give it just one star, as I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it.

Amazon Customer
  • 07 Apr 2020, Tue
Easy to use
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Does that job pretty well! I've used it for more that 6 months now and it works like a charm!

Anastasia Cabolova

  • 09 Feb 2020, Sun
Easy to Use
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Perfect for coarse grinding beans for French Press or filter coffee, not so much for espresso or fine grind.

  • 03 Oct 2019, Thu
Looks great in any kitchen, would be lost without this in my house
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Absolutely great machine, does exactly what it’s intended for. Give it a wipe out once a week as some coffee beans can be oily and it leaves a residue on the bean holder.

Amazon Customer
  • 25 Sep 2019, Wed
Beautiful and tiny coffee grinder fits small kitchen
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I particularly love the conical burr grinder. This one is not the cheapest one for sure, but it has variety of colors to be chosen, and the copper one is just pretty cool. In terms of functionality, it offers everything you needed which I have no complaints so far. Also, the coffee grinder is quite small and easy to put in small kitchen. The little problem is about the grinding process seems quite noisy, and the bean container seem not firmly locked to the body and little shaky during grinding. For my grinder, there is a little flaw on the body that affect the appearance little bit but not to the function. Overall, this is a good product to buy for home use.

Mr. Chu (Hong Kong)
  • 22 Aug 2019, Thu
Good value for money
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Nice product good price

julie hamill
  • 23 Jul 2019, Tue
Quite flimsy and easily breakable coffee bean hopper.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The hopper for the beans seemed very flimsy and although the main machinery seems solid (aluminium), the actual overall quality feel isn’t the best. I must admit I’m comparing with my previous grinder (Delonghi) which ran like a tank for years.

James Faddes
  • 29 May 2019, Wed
looks and feels like superb quality
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The bronze-coloured casing is made out of some kind of metal, that gives the whole device a sturdy feel. it is also heavy(-ish) and sits on the counter top with firmness and gravitas. The anti-static glass cup for the grinded coffee is not really 100% anti-static, but it also looks not flimsy. The settings take some time to get used to, and you cannot easily switch to a finer grind if there is coffee in the coffee feeder. You cannot empty the feeder manually, you need to grind through all the coffee beans. Still, as I only grind on one setting, I am very happy with my purchase, the device looks like something that is build to last and feels more expensive than the money I paid to buy it. I recommend it.

Nikolas Michaelides
  • 04 May 2019, Sat
Good grinder, not for espresso
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Overall pleased with this grinder but there certainly could be some improvements. Some of the plastic holding the grind collector feels very flimsy. Also, whilst this is a great grinder for French press it won't grind fine enough for espresso. It get's close but far from great.

  • 04 Apr 2019, Thu
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk


Amazon Customer
  • 10 Jan 2019, Thu
Bodum coffee grinder
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Only been using the grinder for a week. So far so good. Compact design easy to use.

H. Yusuf
  • 27 Dec 2018, Thu
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Holds about 250g of beans in the “tank”. The lid is a bit fiddly and never fills me with confidence about being on properly. The quantity instruction on the reverse of the lid are a waste of time tbh. They’re more of a guide. After using it a few times you’ll know how long you need to grind for. I’ve never cleaned it, had it for a couple of months, so I can’t comment on this. It is a bit noisey, helps wake me up in the morning. I’d recommend this grinder.

  • 04 Oct 2018, Thu
High Quality
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I love it. There are so many poor quality, made in China products on Amazon. This is not one of them. Everything about it screams high quality. It's heavy, made from top quality materials and the parts fit together securely. Highly recommended.

EDIT: Oh, and now that the excitment of getting such a well made product has worn off and I have actually used it I can say that it works really well, too. It's quick, quiet and produces a really consistant grind. Fine tuning the coarseness is really easy. And, while I obviously haven't had to clean it yet, based on how it goes together I know cleaning is going to be a quick and simple task. I couldn't be happier.

Chris Wells

  • 27 Feb 2018, Tue
Good, not great.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Produces a good course grind for my cafetiere. Nothing gets through the mesh. Only criticism is that the funnel moves as the beans are ground. As I have the setting on the coursest grind, this movement can lead to the setting going off limits, which causes the machine to switch off. To avoid this, I have to hold the funnel in place during grinding, which isn't great. Otherwise, it's a good piece of kit.

Ag Man
  • 26 Nov 2017, Sun
Very please with product
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is a great little grinder. It's easy to use & very easy to clean. I was initially concerned because most grinders state that they're for 2 or more cups at a time whereas I only ever make one. But that's not a problem since you can set the grinder for as little as 5 seconds which is about right for the amount of beans I use per cup. To set the fineness of the grain is simply a process of twisting the hopper round to the graduated mark. To clean the stainless steel burrs is easy - just remove the hopper, lift out the upper burr and brush out. One thing I noticed in reviews is that the catcher is made from Borosilicate glass which is supposed to reduce static. Well, it's not perfect and emptying and tapping the bottom of the catcher still leaves coffee stuck to the sides, but not much and I can easily live with it.
Overall I would recommend this grinder, it's very reasonably priced, grinds well and cleans easily, doesn't make a great deal of noise and looks quite stylish.
Update: Initial problem with static solved - I just grabbed a handful of beans in a slightly wet hand & static has gone & hasn't returned. Excellent grinder & compares very well with other far more expensive models.

Amazon Customer
  • 12 Nov 2017, Sun
Love It.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Looks stunning, went nuts buying this as the non-copper version is much cheaper.Grinds very well, from Espresso, through pour over, to cafetière. Not turkish though...Adjust grind while running is the best tip...

  • 01 Sep 2017, Fri
Nice little grinder that produces good grind for espresso or ...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Nice little grinder that produces good grind for espresso or filter. Pretty quiet, too. Good control over quantity and a nice glass jar for the grind.
The espresso grind is a bit rough for the finest setting and there is no option for finer grind, but I guess you can't expect too much from a reasonably priced product like this grinder. But it works fine with a Bialetti espresso percolator and the Gator pour over, so pretty happy over all. Would recommend to every budget conscious coffee lover.

  • 23 Jul 2017, Sun
Love it, highly recommended for coffee enthusiasts at home!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I've had the grinder for a few months now and it works perfectly. A beautiful piece of equipment on my worktop and the noise is not as much as my previous twin blade grinder. It deals well with all types of coffee I've used and it's consistent on the finer settings.
That being said, when grinding coffee to coarse for french press the consistency is lacking.
As far as cleaning is concerned, all the removable parts are easy to clean and with a brush you deal with most of the remains inside. However, you'll do well in investing in some grinder cleaning tablets and some sort of fine brush to reach deep inside for where the coffee is just stuck. Overall, another great product from Bodum!

Nikolas Zivanas
  • 21 Jan 2017, Sat
Not fine grind, but makes for a fine grind-er.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

As so many wrote: it won't grind fine enough. True...as it won't. But I use an Aeropress and French Press 97% of the time now for coffee on the go or for friends and family, so a coarser grind is not the worst. It is quiet (for a burr) and has a large easy to feed hopper. It even looks nice! The best part is when collecting your grinds, as the glass does a great job in preventing static binding the coffee. If it made that powder grind it would be perfect, but it won't. So if using a espresso machine, expect to have a sandy fine grind. That being said I won't let that 3% stop me from giving this product a 5* rating.

  • 18 Jan 2017, Wed
Grinds well for espresso, great price, looks nice
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

After searching for a grinder (for espresso) for what felt like weeks, we decided on the Bodum Bistro. We're not coffee aficionados but we do like our coffee enough to invest in an Ascaso Dream Machine and this mid-range grinder. It grinds the beans fine enough; other reviews saying they're too coarse may well be accurate but if you're not a coffee geek, it does the job for a really good price. I would have loved to spend 4x as much but my budget was fairly strict. It's noisy but, shock, it's a coffee grinder. You use it in 10 sec bursts (3 cups worth), so it's not like a sustained racket. If you want to spend under £100 and want a burr grinder (as opposed to blades, which cut coarser, I believe), then this does the job. The lid isn't air tight, so we don't store beans in it, bit it's firm enough so the beans don't flip out. It's also anti-static, which I have read is a big bonus as some aren't and the ground coffee clings to everything! All round, very happy.


Product Description

The Bistro Electric Burr Grinder crushes the coffee beans between conical burrs rather than chopping them, preventing the coffee from losing its characteristic taste and aroma. By twisting the upper bean container, the variable grind settings can be adjusted from a coarse French press setting all the way down to a fine ground for espresso, depending on the brewing method or personal taste. The Bistro Electric Burr Grinder comes with an attractive, static-free borosilicate glass Presso container that conveniently sits within the base of the unit to collect ground coffee during use and also features a non-slip silicone band for secure handling. The NEW Bistro burr grinder metal body is made of 100% aluminium.

Box Contains

1 BISTRO Coffee Grinder

Model Number 10903-73UK-1
Colour Copper
Item Weight 1.6 Kg
Product Dimensions 12 x 15.6 x 27.5 cm
Material Aluminum
Auto Shutoff No

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