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Juicy Retreats JR-6000
JR Ultra

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Brand: JR Ultra
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(Juicy Retreats JR-6000)
  • 24 Mar 2019, Sun
Problem,problem PROBLEM!!!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Where to start? This juicer worked well for a wile, ...it is not a easy job to use it, you have to cut everything in small pieces, it is very hard to open after use , also after a while the small filter holes will get larger and instead of apple or orange juice (anything basically ) you end up whit smoothies and not very tasty neater as you can feel all the small peels in your mouth it is very hard to clean as well after you finally opened it.My problem is that even if warranty for 1 year is in place they never responded (my juicer failed after 5 months and maybe 1 time/week of use as to much hassle really to use more often) I contact them for 3-4 times and non response whatsoeverLet’s wait and see what happens and will update you if 1 year warranty is true or false

  • 24 Apr 2018, Tue
Reviewed on Ebay

Brought this in replace to my old hotpoint one. It promised of much more features and was twice the price. Felt it did not live up to the hype. Pulp isn’t as dry as old one. Too explosive for what it is. Would not buy again.


Introducing the next generation JR-Ultra 6000 Multipurpose Slow Juicer by Juicy Retreats, one of the very first masticating juicers to be truly multi-functional. This incredible machine is a slow masticating type juicer from the JR Ultra Range of juicers that have been specially designed to give you the maximum possible juice output from your fruits and vegetables as well as innovative multi purpose functionality. The expert technicians and nutritionists at Juicy Retreats make sure that only the best juicing technology is used to create the freshest and most nutritious juice possible. This is why the JR-Ultra 6000 Slow Juicer uses only premium, top of the range technology to create a vastly superior juice. When it comes to juicing, less is definitely not more. Cheap, immitation juicers produce less juice, preserve fewer enzymes and create a juice that will oxidize and go off quickly. Making the right decision on the best juicer for you is vital to ensure that you are getting a healthy, nutritious and above all tasty juice. Using years of Juicing, Detox, health and wellbeing experience, Juicy Retreats ensure that the JR-Ultra Juicers are the only juicers that you will ever need. The JR-6000 is a true multipurpose machine. Juice fruits and veg, create frozen dessert and sorbet, smoothies and more. Pre mix your juice and clean easily using the innovative non drip juice cap and make delicious smoothies as well. The JR-Ultra Juicer can extract up to 90% of the juice and juices soft and hard produce with ease, including the super-foods like wheat grass. The added bonus is that you buy less fruit and veg, it actually saves you money!! You are also able to use the juicer to create homemade nut and bean milk. The upgraded JR Motor is super quiet, ultra reliable, extremely powerful. The JR-Ultra 6000 is a true innovation and comes with more features than any other juicer in its price range.

Brand JR Ultra
Model NumberJR-6000
ColourBlack / Chrome
Item Weight4.5 Kg
Power / Wattage150 watts
MaterialStainless Steel
Auto ShutoffNo