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Braun MultiQuick 9 MQ 9087X

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(Braun MultiQuick 9 MQ 9087X)
  • 18 Dec 2019, Wed
Muy contento
Reviewed on Ebay

Fácil de manipular y no se calienta deja todo molido según lo que uno desee perfecto

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
The best
Reviewed on Ebay

Very happy with the blender. As new.


  • 13 Nov 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Great speed and power. Well equipped and doesn’t require loads of room in the kitchen to store it all!. Wish the coffee grinder came with it too instead of having to get it separately and that the kneader could work longer than a minute at a time!

  • 04 Nov 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Really quick and powerful in comparison to previous model. Love the new multi container. Hate that Braun change the fitting to the accessories every time they have a new model out. Seems a bit unfair that you have to buy everything from scratch when you upgrade. Saying this I managed to find a top which fits this machine and my existing accessories.

  • 31 Jul 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

The control button is very easy and convenient to use. There are many add-ons for different purposes..

  • 17 Jun 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Does all the things that you need without having to get food processor our on smaller needs.. It’s not built as well as my previous model I had. It is already noisier and had it stop on me after 3 use.

  • 21 Apr 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

It works!. Additional bits are not easy to store.

  • 05 Mar 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Many parts, acceptable price. Plastic parts are very sensitive for broken

  • 25 Feb 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Great blender, lots of extras that I haven't had time to try yet.. I would have appreciated if the 'masher' had blades to make very smooth soups. However, with a combination of two different heads I managed to get the result I wanted.

  • 18 Feb 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Do every thing what your kitchen needs on daily basis..

  • 12 Feb 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

. My previous handset was broken, so I wanted a replacement that I could use with all my existing containers. Thanks to a complete redesign, none work-not happy

Confirmed purchaser
  • 09 Feb 2019, Sat
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Knife can move up and down. Locking

  • 07 Feb 2019, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Very handy and easy to use with assuring safety lock ,, very powerful and effective in cutting ,blending and mixing I am very happy to purchase it. No


  • 05 Feb 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Great range of accessories and attachments, makes great soup. Handle seems to get a bit sticky due to the material.

  • 04 Feb 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Masher, blender effectiveness. Squeeze speed control hard to get use to and safety switch on top

  • 03 Feb 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Ease of use.. No issues.

  • 01 Feb 2019, Fri
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Fantastic at blending soups and the mash attachment is good.. Tricky to gauge speed and the processor chops veg to fine. Again it's probably due to control of speed button

  • 30 Jan 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

In love with my new food processor :).

  • 27 Jan 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

I had few blenders in my past but this one so far is ticking all the lines. Brilliant.

  • 27 Jan 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

extremely fast blending, good accessories, not too loud. none so far

Braun MultiQuick 9 MQ 9087X

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