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Swan SM22030BN (Black)

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Brand: Swan
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(Swan SM22030BN (Black))
  • 16 Aug 2019, Fri
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

none. it did not work

  • 09 May 2019, Thu
Swan renewed microwave that had rusted and after 6 months the door has cracked for no reason.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I purchased my first Swan microwave from Amazon. After a short time it went rusty inside the door and on the bottom. Swan replaced this and said it wasn't covered by a guarantee as the first microwave's guarantee had expired. After 6 months, barely used, I noticed the door frame had completely cracked in the corner. Swan has said they won't do anything about it. I asked if it could be a faulty batch and they would not answer this question. They did offer me 30pc off a new Swan product but after the poor customer service, I wouldn't buy another Swan product. I'm very disappointed as the microwave matches my Swan fridge, which i love.

Toni Davis

  • 11 Apr 2019, Thu
Potentially dangerous
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I should have followed my instincts and purchased a competitor product instead of accepting a replacement when this microwave showed signs of rust after only a few months use. We are throwing out the replacement after three years as it has developed the same rust problems at the internal seams as the original and the internal base has rusted, bubbled and detached. I have followed all the instructions regarding cleaning and venting the microwave but the bottom line is that this microwave is high on retro style but extremely poor on structural quality. As the white base material appears to be covering a metallic layer, this is potentially a very dangerous product to have in your kitchen.

  • 05 Mar 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Basically first one was faulty and the exchange was faulty so got my money back.

  • 09 Feb 2019, Sat
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

It looks great and is a good size (I wanted one that wasn’t too big).. It is very noisy which is a problem as I have a kitchen sitting room and it is disturbing for anyone watching TV etc.

  • 29 Aug 2018, Wed
Over heated!
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I had to return it as it was getting hot and over heating especially on the top metal surface.

  • 19 Mar 2018, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Looks nice smaller than our old one. Design flaw the class plate balances and teters on the centre spindle motor without any support from a circle of wheels which are in most other micro waves so have to make food/vessel right in centre of plate.

  • 11 Dec 2017, Mon
Rust after 16 months
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Purchased April 2016, but had to throw away in August 2017. Not in heavy use either. As other people commented, condensation is terrible. Despite leaving door open after using, it started to rust inside. Before the rust showed, the white coating inside discoloured and began to bubble. Would not recommend as I've seen a few people have had similar problems regarding the rust.

Jackie Highland
  • 04 Nov 2017, Sat
Very poor finish, returned to Argos!
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I was really surprised, on opening the box, to see the microwave had such a poor finish. In the photos it looks lovely - shiny, black, good quality. However, in 'real life', the colour on the top was lighter than that on the front. Also, the overall colour was more charcoal than black and patchy in places. This made it look old and tired. I didn't feel the finish would have survived much cleaning either so swapped it for a Delonghi stainless steel 900w microwave for £10 less! It's excellent!

  • 09 Aug 2017, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Small size.. Seems to be of poor quality. Flimsy construction. Cut my hand on the plastic insert on the door as I was taking a plate out of the microwave. Now have a mark on my hand thanks to this microwave.

  • 31 Jul 2017, Mon
Loved the retro look and colour of this microwave
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Loved the retro look and colour of this microwave. I bought this in April 2016, I didn't start using it until the November as we'd been waiting for our kitchen renovation to be completed. It's only used once maybe twice a week to reheat meals or the odd bowl of beans/spaghetti. I always make sure I leave the door open for it to vent after use and that the bottom doesn't have any pools of water, but after only 4/5 months of use the inside had gone rusty and it's barely useable. Before the rust showed, the white coating began to bubble and I only noticed this when I was heating a bag of popcorn and the bag caught fire because the turning plate had jilted and jammed, pushing the popcorn bag up against the side of the microwave! It was a good job I was in the same room keeping an eye on it otherwise it could have been a lot worse than just a scorch mark inside the microwave! Would not recommend as I've seen a few people have had similar problems regarding the rust.

  • 13 Jul 2017, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

looks good. I just wanted a straight forward microwave, no fancy programmes/weighing etc. That's not what I ended up with. That will teach me to buy off the internet!

  • 04 Apr 2017, Tue
Swan Manual touch microwave
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Good microwave, easy to use


  • 15 Mar 2017, Wed
not the best
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This doesnt let any steam escape therefore the inside has started peeling after 8 months. Have to leave door open after use to dry out

  • 02 Mar 2017, Thu
This has put me off all SWAN products.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The enamel has peeled off the inside base already. This has put me off all SWAN products.

Dr David I. South
  • 26 Feb 2017, Sun
Time bomb Microwave
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

As others have put here the condensation created by this oven results in the interior coating peeling off. The exposed inside rusts instantly.Thank goodness for Amazon customer service who have agreed a full refund with no fuss after 14 months. Amazon 5 star service for a one star product.

Matthew Jackson
  • 26 Feb 2017, Sun
Time bomb Microwave
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

As others have put here the condensation created by this oven results in the interior coating peeling off. The exposed inside rusts instantly.

Thank goodness for Amazon customer service who have agreed a full refund with no fuss after 14 months. Amazon 5 star service for a one star product.

Matthew Jackson
  • 26 Jan 2017, Thu
Style over substance
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had for just over a year. Left door ajar to cope with condensation. The back of the microwave has now cracked and rusted anyway and very rapidly. Shortest time ever had a microwave. Loks good but not well made.

  • 17 Jan 2017, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

It looks nice. The inside produces too much condensation compared to previous ones we have had.

  • 09 Jun 2016, Thu
Swan microwave
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I brought one and had to take it back because the top was dented then I went to get it replaced it was last one in stock box was tatty and ripped when I got home this one was also dented but I had to keep it as there was no more in stock and it was the design I wanted this wasn't a cheap microwave and I expected it to come in mint condition but it never my kitchen appliance are all swan black so I had this one to match now I have a microwave that is dented on top they need to take care when load

Colour:Black  |  Size:20L - 800W  |  Style Name:Digital

Product Description

Enjoy a quick, hassle-free approach to meal preparation with the Retro Digital Microwave. Combining classic retro design with best-in-class results, this microwave is designed with practicality and style in mind. 5 different power levels let you find the ideal temperature whilst the defrost setting saves you valuable time in the kitchen. Its generous 20 litre capacity easily fits a standard sized dinner plate, making it suitable for one or all the family. What's more, the 60-minute timer with cooking end signal offers accuracy and precision. Complete with stylish pull handle door and available in a variety of colours, the Retro Digital Microwave makes both a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen

Swan is one of the longest established British kitchen appliance and accessory brands. Steeped in history, Swan was responsible for creating the very first electric heating element that could be immersed in water way back in 1933 as well as reintroducing the iconic teasmade back to the market in 2009! The British owned company is run by Swan employees who are passionate about the brand’s heritage. Each product is conceived and designed at its headquarters in the UK by in house designers, who are proud to produce award winning appliances, cookware and kitchen accessories available in a host of classic and modern shades that are designed for life.

Box Contains

1 x Digital microwave

From the manufacturer

Swan 800W Retro Digital Microwave

An impressive addition to any kitchen, style-conscious homeowners will love the 800W Retro Digital Microwave from iconic housewares brand Swan.

Five Power Levels

Thanks to the 5 power levels and defrost setting, life will be made easy for the time pressed cook, making it quick and easy for you to cook delicious meals for the whole family. Whether you’re heating up leftovers from the night before or defrosting the mince meat for tonight’s spaghetti bolognese, the digital display allows you to easily select your setting and timer at the touch of a button.

20 Litre Capacity

The microwave boasts a generous 20 litre capacity. This is the perfect size to fit a standard sized dinner plate, allowing you to heat up a readily prepared meal. By using the lower heat setting you could also warm up dinner plates ahead of serving up dinner so your food stays nice and warm. The 245mm glass turntable even makes it easy to clean, taking away all the fuss out of food preparation.

Fabulously Retro

Swan retro is an award-winning range of small and large appliances, as well as kitchen accessories and cookware. The Retro Digital Microwave is available in a host of exciting colours, including sky blue, delicate green, vibrant lime, rich red and traditional cream. There is a shade to suit all tastes! If you’re looking to make a design statement in your kitchen, the Retro Range is ideal for making an impact.

Defrost Setting

Forgot to take the bacon out of the freezer ready for breakfast? There’s no need to have a boring bowl of cereal instead, thanks to the defrost setting you can have that meat ready to cook in the pan in minutes. The setting is also useful for defrosting ready-meals, frozen ingredients for that midweek stir fry and bread for your morning toast. The cooking end signal will notify you when your food is ready too!

Brand Swan
Model Number SM22030BN
Colour Black
Item Weight 10.8 Kg
Product Dimensions 45 x 25.6 x 29.7 cm
Capacity 20 litres
Volume Capacity 20 litres
Power / Wattage 800 watts
Special Features Digital