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Russell Hobbs RHM1714BC (Black)
Russell Hobbs

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Brand: Russell Hobbs
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(Russell Hobbs RHM1714BC (Black))
  • 25 Apr 2020, Sat
This should be your next microwave.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

All microwaves seem the same for the most part. You want it to cook your food, look good and do what is advertised.Yet there are so many different microwaves to choose from at so many prices, how do you know which one is the best bang for buck?Let me assure you this is the one you have been looking for.It arrived 3 days early! Does everything as advertised and is really simple to use.We wasn’t sure it would fit our plates as we have large plates but there is plenty of space inside.It has made such a difference to our kitchen and cooks food much faster than the previous model we had.Highly recommend, great build quality as well so it will last years ????

Josh M
  • 27 Feb 2020, Thu
Red and shiny toaster
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Really like this toaster red and shiny what more could I want well actually its a brilliant toaster I hadnt realised how bad my old toaster had got so now I ak enjoying good toast with style


  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

So efficient in every way

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
as good as the last one we had
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Had to order a new toaster as I dropped a screw into old one and could not get it out, making it dangerous to use, the new one is as good as the old one was, before my little accident with the screw.

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Efficient and good value
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Basic toaster but toasts well and good capacity for thick bread. Good value as was on offer.

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Good one with gray kitchen
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Good one long life perfect temperature setting

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Toaster defective
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Bought this toaster from Argos as we liked the design and colour however extremely disappointed on plugging it in at home to find the left hand set didn't latch so had to be returned. Not another one available for 4 days so went and bought a different make that worked correctly.

  • 25 Feb 2020, Tue
very stylish look love it,works well easy to use
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

works really well, so far looks very nice

  • 25 Feb 2020, Tue
its a toaster
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

it works, and it toast bread to how you want it

  • 25 Feb 2020, Tue
Great toaster
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Toasts well and evenly. Although it states it has wide slots I still find crumpets still get stuck sometimes and just need to push up the slider. Overall though pleased with the toaster and would recommend to others.

  • 21 Feb 2020, Fri
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Value for money. I've only been using this for about a month and there is already rush showing on some of the internal joints.

  • 20 Feb 2020, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Looks great and great features. Strange system of use

  • 19 Feb 2020, Wed
Very good toaster, looks good and is efficient
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Very good value for the price paid, like the wider setting and defrost features.


  • 19 Feb 2020, Wed
Toast-alicious toaster
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Excellent quality and great value with good features. Works well on muffins and crumpets too - can’t fault it

  • 19 Feb 2020, Wed
Not as described
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Sadly this toaster disappoints in that it doesn't toast both sides of the bread evenly. My main reason for choosing this model was the Lift and Look feature. Despite the product description on the Argos website stating it has this feature it does not!

  • 19 Feb 2020, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

I like that you can quickly select max 2 mins in 30sec intervals at %100 power and it starts automatically..

  • 18 Feb 2020, Tue
Good microwave
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Easy to use and clean

  • 18 Feb 2020, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Simple to use no complicated displays Looks sleek.

  • 12 Feb 2020, Wed
Good toaster
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Really good toaster high quality for the price

  • 12 Feb 2020, Wed
Toaster Excellent
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

happy with new toaster, never had a four slice toaster before but this is sleak and quick.


Product Description

The Russell Hobbs RHM1714BC microwave has a sleek and stylish design, boasting an attractive mirror door finish. This attractive appliance is simple and easy to use with its 700 watts of microwave power, providing you quick and convenient cooking in your home. The RHM171BC from Russell Hobbs is a 17 litre cavity capacity microwave, comfortably fitting a standard size of dinner plate. It comes with a removable and dishwasher safe glass turn-table for easy cleaning. Pre-programmed auto cook menus, such as pizza (reheat), fish, and popcorn, allow you to cook all your favourite foods at the push of a button. What’s more, there’s automatic defrost settings meaning all you have to do is input the weight of the food, and the microwave selects the ideal defrost time, saving you time and effort. Moreover, 5 microwave power levels enable tailoring of your cooking experience. Additional features include a handy digital clock and count-down timer, and for added peace of mind, the RHM1714BC comes with a child safety lock option. Once the child lock is on, it locks the button control so the microwave cannot be activated.

Box Contains

1 x RHM1714BC

Brand Russell Hobbs
Model Number RHM1714BC
Colour Black/Silver
Item Weight 12 Kg
Product Dimensions 36 x 45.2 x 45.2 cm
Capacity 17 litres
Volume Capacity 17 litres
Power / Wattage 700 watts