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Bosch TDS8030

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Brand: Bosch
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(Bosch TDS8030)
  • 04 Mar 2020, Wed
Ultimate steam iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The best steam iron on the marketHave had three nowLove it.

James Conway
  • 14 Dec 2019, Sat
Water tank
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The water tank can be hard to remove, but it does seem to get easier over time. We have been using this steam generator for 2 months now and it is the best one we have ever had. I can honestly recommend this iron.

Dave R

  • 16 Nov 2019, Sat
Excellent product and price but will the gamble pay off ?
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Replacement for another Bosch steam generator which we had for almost 6 years.Very pleased with price as it was brand new and unused with only slight damage to the box. I have gambled that the item will last for at least two years to make the saving £worthwhile and compensate for the fact that it comes with no guarantee.

  • 13 Nov 2019, Wed
Steams very well
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Pleased with this product

James Smith
  • 03 Nov 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Faulty out of the box. This wouldn't let water from the tank into the iron so wouldn't generate any steam. Kept beeping 3 times with water tank symbol flashing. Followed instructions with regards refilling tank etc but still wouldn't let water through so sent back and going with another brand.

  • 22 Oct 2019, Tue
The best I've ever had
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The best iron I've ever had. I have had a few steam generators but this has got to be the best so far.

Alan Buckley
  • 21 Oct 2019, Mon
Easy to use.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Excellent. Better than expected.

Fardad Amirsaeedi
  • 21 Oct 2019, Mon
Ease of use
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Alright once we had read the instructions

  • 17 Oct 2019, Thu
Great machine
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Brilliant iron, would definitely get again. Easy to fill up and good to use. Best steam generator iron I’ve had this is the third one I have bought as I wasn’t happy with the other make I thought I would try a bosh and I wouldn’t get another make now. So much faster and easier to use

  • 09 Oct 2019, Wed
Great replacement
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is a great replacement for a Bosch steam iron that we have had for many years, basically it does what it says on the tin !!!

John Hall
  • 26 Sep 2019, Thu
Bosch have thought of nearly everything
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Bought this to replace my old steam generator and like it a lot! It selects i-temp as a default setting but you can opt for other options by turning the dial. It's easy to fill the tank as it can be removed from the main body. Although no steam generator can be light in weight the iron element is light and easy to use. It irons easily everything from silk to dense and creased cotton sheets. You can descale it using their system. I can coil both wires around the base of the generator using the added black holders so easy to store. Whilst it was more than I wanted to spend I don't regret the purchase at all.

Miss W.
  • 23 Sep 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had to return as it was spitting boiling water and was dangerous

  • 20 Sep 2019, Fri
Awesome Iron!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I've given this Iron 5 stars all the way, despite a couple of minor issues which I'm certainly not gonna let bother me, but will mention below.However, that aside, this is the Rolls Royce of Steam Generator Irons as far as I'm concerned. I was so undecided when ordering it; but I'm so glad that I did buy it. It came quickly, altho not next day Prime delivery which I have, but it came very quickly after that, the following day in fact.This Iron lights up like a Christmas Tree, lol. It has everything. Eco button too. It is very lightweight, and is certainly easy to use. It has an enormous water container. It simply glides over everything that I have ironed so far; not much I know, because I try to get over heavy ground as lightly as possible when it comes to ironing. The temperature control is a doddle, and very efficient. The whole unit is large (I didn't think any iron could be larger than my last one); but it isn't a problem for me since I put the unit on top of my dryer in the utility room.Unlike my old Steam generator Iron, which gave out after around 8 years, this one WILL stand up on the ironing board, so no more burnt patches on the ironing board. :) That was a big bonus for me.There are just two insignificant niggles: I have small hands, but when one takes hold of the iron it is hard not to activate the booster steam button; not a lot of wriggle room, but the iron handle is large enough, I just have to pick it up further back; practice makes perfect. lol. The second niggle is that the cord is not as long as I'd like, but long enough in any event. But as I said, these issues are rather minor and insignificant for me, and I absolutely love my new Iron.When you lift the inner box out of the bigger box that it comes in, one whole flap has written, and beautifully illustrated instructions on it (large). Keep that, because altho the instructions are very simple to follow, there's a lot of them, since this iron has a lot of awesome features to it. :)I would absolutely highly recommend this Iro


  • 13 Sep 2019, Fri
Simply the best.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Simply the best iron I have ever used. Having had Bosch steam generator iron previously I was keen to keep to the same make. Having used this latest model I can state it is easily the best even comparing to other brands I have had.

  • 06 Sep 2019, Fri
Expensive but worth the money
Reviewed on Ebay

A very expensive iron - about eight times more than I've ever paid for an iron in my life. However, it is worth every penny. I give it 10 out of 10 for looks alone - it is a sleek, wonderfully designed iron that is easy to use. Fill it with water, switch it on. select the required setting, remove the safety catch and you're good to go. I tested the jeans setting and ironed five pairs of jeans in 15 minutes. It really does generate a good amount of steam and glides through creases. I bought a new ironing board that accommodates a steam generator - that too was very expensive, but again worth the money. I'm really pleased with my purchase.

  • 26 Aug 2019, Mon
Excellent product love it
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Easy to use excellent

  • 21 Aug 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Perfect for the job

richard p hennessy
  • 16 Aug 2019, Fri
Excellent - makes heavy material ironing simple.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The entire machine is bigger and heavier than my last iron but the actual iron head is just as light. The temperatures are amazing and you whizz through linen and jeans. The larger water tank lasts much longer as well. I am delighted with my new "Baby".

  • 15 Aug 2019, Thu
Does what it says
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Water tank stiff to pull out hopefully will get better as time goes byGood all round very happy with purchase only gave 4star due to water tank being stif to pull out have to wait till it is cooled down

  • 10 Aug 2019, Sat
Water tank difficulty
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Lovely iron but the water tank is difficult to remove. Easy to fill and put back in though.

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Product Description

BOSCH Serie 8 Steam Generator TDS8030GB - Black/White - Powerful 2600 W ceranium glissee ceramic soleplate up to 6.8 bar pressure ultimate 480 steam shot 120 g per minute steam output 1.8 Litre removable tank Eco-setting

Box Contains


Brand Bosch
Model NumberTDS8030GB
Item Weight4.9 Kg
Product Dimensions43 x 24 x 30 cm
Volume Capacity1.8 litres
Power / Wattage2400 watts
Voltage240 volts