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Russell Hobbs 24830
Russell Hobbs

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Brand: Russell Hobbs
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(Russell Hobbs 24830)
  • 01 Aug 2020, Sat
Really good when first brought
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

When I first got this it was brilliant absolutely perfect but as time has gone on not so good.

  • 07 Jul 2020, Tue
brilliant little iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is probably the best iron I have had. Its light but irons really well and the steam is brilliant to use.Definitely recommend this iron


  • 12 Jun 2020, Fri
Great lightweight iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Great iron and nice and lightweight, bought for my mum who has limited shoulder movement so it’s perfect

  • 27 May 2020, Wed
Good quality iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I now have two of these irons as I wanted a second one for my sewing room. The sole plate has a good quality surface and I have no issues using it. It is easy to tell what temperature I have set and it is good value for money. I accidently marked the item as not received, but this was a mistake. The delivery company marked it as "handed to resident" which wasn't the case so I thought it had gone elsewhere but it turned up on my doorstep. Why they couldn't ring the doorbell to let me know I don't know!

N. Cole
  • 16 May 2020, Sat
Good for the price.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Hot is super hot. Good for the price.

  • 09 May 2020, Sat
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Very light easy to use worth the money

Ann M.
  • 24 Apr 2020, Fri
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Had to buy this I’m a hurry as mine had blown up but I couldn’t be more pleased with it ,it is so light and easy to use.Also a good price ,really pleased with it.

  • 23 Apr 2020, Thu
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

the best iron I,ve had

david james
  • 22 Apr 2020, Wed
Great iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Love this iron. Simple to use and very efficient. Love the colour too.

B Chioccola
  • 08 Mar 2020, Sun
Easy and light
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

My wife loved it she likes pink and the iron is light easy to use every good

  • 05 Mar 2020, Thu
Ideal replacement
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Great little iron for the price.Lightweight but still does a good job removing the creases.Only fault,water reservoir filler too small.

  • 04 Mar 2020, Wed
Lovely light weight iron
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Excellent value for money Extremely easy to use and efficient

  • 04 Mar 2020, Wed
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Brilliant iron for the price great value for money.


  • 04 Mar 2020, Wed
Great item!
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Great value for our bnb :)

  • 27 Feb 2020, Thu
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This iron is a bit smaller than most but don’t let that fool you, for the size and price this is a little demon. Lightweight, easy to use and no sticking...

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Fab little iron
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Nice iron, a replacement for the iron I dropped. It’s the same make as my previous iron just a bit more updated.

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Exactly what I needed
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Lightweight and does a decent job for the price. No issues

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Good iron for the price

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Helpful product
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

The iron was just what I was looking for - sturdy and well-built, it boils very quickly and irons the clothes well. Cord is also nice and long so can stretch if necessary. Would recommend to others - the brand is respected for good reason.

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Great value for the price
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Great value easy use lightweight

The Russell Hobbs Light & Easy Iron may be compact, but the performance is uncompromised. With built-in, auto steam technology, getting the perfect steam output is now unbelievably simple. Just select the fabric temperature with the dial and the Iron will automatically adjust to the perfect steam output for you. Lightweight without compromising the performance. Perfect for everyday ironing. Lightweight without compromising the performance. Perfect for everyday ironing. Steam output: 25g/min. Shot of steam: 85g/min. Non-stick stainless steel soleplate. Capacity of water tank: 240ml. Water spray button. Anti-drip system to protect your clothes from water spillages. Variable steam function allows you to adjust the humidity, direction and power of the steam flow. Vertical steam function allows you to use the iron to steam creases from hanging garments or curtains with ease. General information:Model number: 23590. 2200 watts. Less than 30 seconds heating up time. 2m power cord. Weight: 1.09kg. Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee. EAN: 4008496876754.

Product Description

Brighten up a boring chore with this colourful Sapphire iron, designed to add a touch of creativity to your essential household items. Stylish, simple and functional, it’s the perfect addition to help keep you Happy even when you’re carrying out one of the jobs that you’d probably prefer to avoid. Product features include: ceramic infused colour soleplate, auto steam technology, 30g/min continuous steam, 90g/min steam shot, 2m cord, vertical steam, variable Temp setting, water spray, fill jug, 2400W power

Box Contains

1 x Russell Hobbs Light & Easy Brights Iron
1 x Water jug
Instruction manual

From the manufacturer

Bringing fun to ironing

Could you think of anything duller than an iron with no colour? The Light and Easy Brights Collection works to brighten up your ironing experience with a collection of bold colours designed to represent your distinct and unique personalities. Let your iron reflect you and most importantly, love the colour that you are.

Ceramic Infused Coloured Soleplate

Eye-catching and efficient, the ceramic infused soleplate will help to raise a smile while you glide through the creases with little effort. No catching or sticking to your fabric.

Auto Steam

Our auto-steam technology means you can iron away with a reliable, 30g/min of continuous steam, so you can smooth away the creases without the need for constant button fiddling.

240ml Water Tank

The water tank holds 240ml, and the fill jug we’ve included means that you can leave the iron on the board while you fetch water for your next refill.

Spray and Shoot

For more control you can directly tackle more difficult areas with the water spray feature, or deliver a shot of steam when needed at a rate of 90g/min.

Which colour are you

Are you a creative person? Do you like to have a little fun when you’re ironing, dancing along to your favourite songs. Do you make everyone else around you laugh and sometimes even yourself?

Then you are the marvellous Mango. Let your bold personality shine through your bright and brilliant iron that even has a coloured soleplate. Not only is it trendy and vibrant, but just like your personality -there’s nothing dull about it.

Which colour are you

Do you often let your imagination run wild when you’re doing your ironing, letting your mind wander off into a blissful day dream? Are you passionate about doing a good job and knowing your loved ones leave the house every morning in well-ironed clothes, feeling good about themselves?

Then you are definitely the majestic Mulberry. We’ve covered every corner of this iron, from the body to the soleplate in the bright and memorable Mulberry that proudly showcases your wonderful personality. This energetic iron is always raring to go and the perfect companion to help you work your way through those wrinkles.

Which colour are you

Does your intuitive nature, mean you always know exactly what your family needs? Is it your calming personality that always soothes your loved ones when they’re having a bad day?

Then you are the selfless Sapphire and we want you to make this statement with style! Your honest and modest nature means you don’t like to brag about yourself, but we think it’s time you were reminded of how truly special you are and with the Sapphire iron you will be. We’ve even brightened up the ceramic infused soleplate too, to iron some of those well- loved traits into your clothes.

Which colour are you

Are you a kind hearted person who always knows how best to cheer up your loved ones? Do you sometimes look forward to the peaceful escape of ironing, where you can finally get some quiet time?

Then you are definitely the awe-inspiring Aqua. We know how much you love your quiet time and we want to make your ironing experience that little bit more harmonious. With an Aqua body and soleplate, you can be soothed by the relaxing blue, whist being reminded of all of the wonderful attributes you have.

About the brand

We’ve been at the heart of homes for over 60 years, bringing an extensive range of high quality kitchen appliances that have been designed and developed to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Our commitment to creating products that are stylish, reliable and practical has helped us to build a brand that’s synonymous with trust and high quality.

Whatever your lifestyle, your taste or your individual requirements, we’re always here to ensure that you have access to technology and products that perform perfectly for you.

Product features

  • Ceramic infused colour soleplate
  • Auto steam technology
  • 30g/min continuous steam
  • 90g/min steam shot
  • 2m cord
  • Vertical steam
  • Variable temperature setting
  • Water spray
  • Fill Jug
  • 2400w
Brand Russell Hobbs
Model Number 24830
Colour Sapphire
Item Weight 1.09 Kg
Product Dimensions 26.4 x 11.2 x 13.5 cm
Power / Wattage 2400 watts
Material Ceramic
Auto Shutoff No