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Indesit IWDC 6125

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Brand: Indesit
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(Indesit IWDC 6125)
  • 17 Dec 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Good washing machine, the tumble dryer is the really useful feature for me.. Could be more economical with its power usage, only a B rating.

  • 16 Dec 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Simple efficient and pretty quiet to compare against previous models - value product. Didn’t appreciate there is no digital clock until it arrived - clearly didn’t look hard enough or read tech blurbWho doesn’t have a clock timer ? Small but irritating- you have to refer to brochure for cycle times, you start to learn them


  • 11 Dec 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

. The washer drier doesn't actually wash then dry, it just gets it warm. So it's no good if you want to put it on and go to work and come home to clean, dry clothes, you have to wash it, then put it on the dry, it doesn't dry that great either and takes a couple of hours.

  • 22 Nov 2019, Fri
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

. Quite noisey when spining

  • 22 Nov 2019, Fri
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

It's cheap. There is only one wash and dry cycle and it literally blasts heat through the clothes then stops! You have to manually switch it to dry after. Disappointing

  • 18 Nov 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Combination is a space saver and it is easy to use.. The difference in weight for wash and drying but the dry is part of the wash cycle not separate for the normal types of washing.

  • 17 Nov 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

With working in a nursery my clothes need to be cleaned quickly and easily this washer dryer works wonders and is quite quiet.

  • 17 Nov 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Love it especially drying. Since my place is small can't have washer and. Dryer.. Can't take out the detergent compartment to clean it etc. Takes awhile to figure it out the instructions don't explain very well how to use it.

  • 16 Nov 2019, Sat
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Great little washer/dryer if short on space .none. None

  • 14 Nov 2019, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Perfect for rental properties as is easy to understand how to use..

A Landlord
  • 14 Nov 2019, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

. Cycles take forever, instructions are not great, too much going on. Drying is awful

  • 13 Nov 2019, Wed
Smells when drying
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Had it 2 weeks and it still smells when using the dryer. The clothes come out smelling bad . And not too impressed that it doesn't tell you on the actual machine what times the cycles last am I supposed to memorize the instructions manual.... Times written next to each one that is numbered on the draw would of been enough.

  • 11 Nov 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Great overall.. During spin cycles, the drawer opens.

Confirmed purchaser

  • 09 Nov 2019, Sat
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Easy to use, does what it says on the tin washes and drys clothes. Unlike a normal tumble dryer loads need to be a lot lighter

  • 07 Nov 2019, Thu
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Efficient and perfect for the price you pay.. Cycle times are rather long and has no quick rinse cycle. Shortest cycle we have managed to find it 1.5hr.

  • 03 Nov 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

None. Won’t buy this model again

  • 30 Oct 2019, Wed
Washer Dryer
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Not loud, would prefer a display on front to show number of minutes left & also shorter cycles, clothes lovely when taken out, spot on for money.

  • 29 Oct 2019, Tue
very efficient
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Thought it was a bit expensive at first, but after i bought it I found out that I’m saving much more since, it’s very efficient in electricity and water, also never expected the drying feature to work this well but it saved me a lot of time and effort

  • 22 Oct 2019, Tue
Good machine for the price
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This is a great washer dryer for those on a budget it washes well the dryer doesn't always dry completely on wash&dry settings meaning you have to put it back on to dry again afterwards but otherwise a wonderful machine.

  • 20 Oct 2019, Sun
Great machine and easy to use
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I bought this for my mum who is 70, she loves it because its easy to use and does a great job.

Indesit IWDC 6125 (White)
Brand Indesit
Item Weight 64 Kg
Product Dimensions 53.5 x 59.5 x 85 cm
Energy Efficiency B
Efficiency (10 classes) A+++ to D
Energy Consumption 1.12 kilowatt hours
Capacity 6 Kilograms
Washing Performance Rating A
Maximum Rotational Speed 1200 rpm
Noise Level 65 dB
Installation Type Freestanding
Part Number IWDC6125UK
Special Features Variable spin speed
Colour White
Access Location Front Load
Dryer Power Source Electric
Voltage 240 volts
Door Orientation Left
Door Material Plastic
Batteries included? No
Batteries Required? No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year Manufacturer Warranty

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