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Morphy Richards 333020
Morphy Richards

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Brand: Morphy Richards
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(Morphy Richards 333020)
  • 25 Jun 2020, Thu
Extra steam button for those difficult creases
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

My old steam iron just stopped steaming and I needed to replace asap. Does the job well, easy to use. Love the extra steam button. I like clothes pressed, but don’t want to stand over the ironing for long. This enables me to press my clothes in quick time, great results.

liz venables
  • 14 Jun 2020, Sun
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I had an iron previously by the same manufacturer, and the same style. However this was just a new one I needed as the generator broke on my last one.Its great, I wouldn't ever go back to a normal iron! These kind are the best!!

Laura Elizabeth Spiller

  • 03 Jun 2020, Wed
Great quality item and value for money
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

A great steam iron for the money. Have used a few times now and very happy with the results.Not heavy, yet steam and weight get all creases out with ease. Easy to fill and add spray. Very happy.

Emma Reed
  • 25 Apr 2020, Sat
Leaking water
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought this a year ago and it was fine until last month when it started leaking water from the front steam holes every time I pressed the steam button. I have changed the filter twice even though not necessary as we live in a soft water area. Useless now as a steam iron and I cannot contact Morphy Richards. Try a different brand!

  • 10 Mar 2020, Tue
Good value and works well.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Bought this as a replacement for the same iron which after several years of daily use finally wore out. Price excellent with good service from the supplier. I have no doubt there must be better ones out there ie more expensive but this does the job very well so why pay more. For best results distilled water should be used. I suspect like me, if distilled water is used at first, most will end up using the tap. No doubt this finally caused the demise of the previous iron. Can recommend, especially at the discounted price.

Genuine customer
  • 09 Mar 2020, Mon
Happy with this basic steam generator iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is a good basic steam generator at a very reasonable price. Bought as a direct replacement- previous one about 4 years old and not giving out much steam any more. Can’t believe how much better new one is - ironing chore much quicker. I’m happy to replace every couple of years at this price - living in hard water area I don’t expect to last longer than that.

  • 26 Feb 2020, Wed
Where is the steam?!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

 So, like a few others bought into the positive reviews after our trusty old steam iron gave up the ghost. On my old iron, it would produce steam all the time, with a "boost" giving it a proper cloud. I expected this type of cloud from this new iron. What I got was something out of willow the wisp (or Harry's first attempts at a Patronus, for all you HP fans out there). Max temperature, clean water, followed the manufacturers instructions to the t. It seems perhaps that a lot of the positive reviews are from a longer time ago, and therefore I wonder if Morphy Richards have changed the design? All in all, would not buy it again. Ps, I think my kettle produces more steam.

Joe B
  • 23 Feb 2020, Sun
Super iron, wouldn't swap for the world
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is the second one of these irons that I have bought and I absolutely love it. I take in ironing and I find it tackles all fabrics and makes a super job of sheets, pillows and bedding. The iron has a nice weight to it and feel definite in your hand, the handle is comfortable when ironing for a long time. The cord it long enough to make ironing shirts a doddle, the only very slight quibble is that maybe the water tank could be larger as I do find I need to fill it quite often, but I am sure that for normal use it is fine. Would I recommend? Definitely

  • 09 Feb 2020, Sun
I have not ironed in 9 years! I loved using my mums so got a newer one for work.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Having used my mums older model (2007) I saw the benefits. She has had hers 13 years! Nothing normaly works this long. I started a new job and needed a decent iron.That would save me time and electric. So I had a look and decided for the price and the size of the water tank. I would order the same as my mum but a newer one. Since having it I have even done some personal clothes of mine as it is out why not?

M. L. Brain
  • 04 Feb 2020, Tue
Too expensive for what you get
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I previously had a swan branded iron but I didn’t like the noise it made when you refilled the water tank, so I thought I’d try this product, I can’t seem to get on with it at all, firstly it’s too light, secondly, it’s as if it’s not hot enough to get the creases out of the clothes but it sticks to the clothes as if it’s too hot plus it still makes the noise my old iron made. Disappointed I didn’t stick with my old brand.

  • 05 Jan 2020, Sun
Good product
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This is my second one in 6 years and it’s used a lot so it has stood the test of time - not cheap but good value for money. Will be buying again in the long term future.

  • 24 Dec 2019, Tue
Don't waste your money, produces no steam after just over a year's use.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I purchased this iron in August 2015 and initially it performed well, but as seems to be common it now produces no steam. The filter was changed every 3 months.I requested support from Amazon and was passed over to Morphy Richards who were unhelpful as I had not registered the product which apparently gives another years warranty.I was told that I should be changing the filter every 6 weeks. The instructions given in the manual are vague on this.My advice would be to consider a different iron. I don't consider a life of 15 months to be satisfactory.Updated.....since I first posted this, further discussion with Amazon has resulted in being offered a full refund.

G A Howard
  • 12 Nov 2019, Tue
very good, quality and value.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

It glides over the fabric. Irons beautifully. It's the second one I've bought as the first stopped working. I advise looking after it well and replacing the little sack inside the water container as it says in the manual. I should have done that with my first iron but did not do so as often as is recommended.


  • 10 Nov 2019, Sun
Don’t buy
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought this to replace the previous version as it started leaving marks on my boyfriend’s white shirts.This new version leaves the same marks (after two weeks of use). I’m bored with having to rewash shirts!!!!It’s like ironing roulette... can I iron this shirt without ruining it.I have tried to report the fault but no one called me back.An absolute waste of time and money!!!

  • 06 Sep 2019, Fri
Terrible iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This item is terrible. It has been leaking black liquid from the iron from day one. I contacted Morphy Richards and they were useless. I would advise to spend a littlemore and invest in a better brand. I had a Bosch one before this and it was muchmore powerful. One glide of the iron and it was done. With this one - sometimes you need to go over the the same part twice

Amazon Customer
  • 28 Aug 2019, Wed
Great product
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Does what it says on the tin. All features work as expected. I use filtered water to avoid buildup of limescale. You can buy filter jug from Tesco etc cheap and it helps to avoid buildup of scale in the filter.

V. Patil
  • 24 Jul 2019, Wed
replacement for the last one
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I had this one before, I foolishly tried to descale it with an iron descaler but it totally ruined the insides and all the inside plastic pissed out of the steam holes so it went in the bin. I had already borough the replacement cartridges so just replaced the iron - it is a good one with powerful steam feature but now I am using only bottles water (cheap supermarket one - 6L for £1) so worth it.

  • 02 Jul 2019, Tue
Absolutely stinking, full of limescale before use!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The iron absolutely stinks of marijuana when you turn it on, and its spitting out white chunks as if it's full of limescale. We've used it three times and it's been doing this since the start. Really not happy with the product. It also spits out water all over the clothes. It's as much good as a chocolate teapot

  • 03 Jun 2019, Mon
Hard water areas in London must use distilled water in the Morphy Richards 333020 steam iron
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This steam iron looks good and worked well for just under a year - thereafter brown water poured through the base of it. Ironing load twice a week for a few hours each time.Cartridges changed regularly and iron tank emptied on completion of ironing.The brochure does state you should use DISTILLED WATER which I DID NOT do as it is cumbersome for me.Two things which may help future buyers of this product: I found I was not able to particularly identify my iron with Morphy Richards through my model number serial number unless I had registered it with them. Their helpline also advised that Amazon would not be able to match my order to the serial number on the iron either as they do not record this information. Make sure you register and record this information yourself when you get your product for any future problems.I also asked Helpline if I could possibly prolong the life of my iron and they suggested flushing it with DISTILLED WATER and also to replace a new cartridge to see if it helps correct it.I guess I will send it to the recycle.I hope this helps.Thank you.G B Owens

Amazon Customer
  • 02 Jun 2019, Sun
False economy - cheap price, cheap product
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Ok so it does the job as in gets clothes smooth, however the purple water container cracks and breaks and leaks at the slightest knock or bump. Twice I’ve replaced mine in a year at a further cost and the latest one is being held together with glue and tape and still leaks from a crack caused by a slight knock which wouldn’t bruise a peach. Just over a year of using it maybe once a month and it’s started pouring steam out of the base but not the iron! Typically it’s *just* over a year old. Either get a better model or go for a really good normal iron but this was definitely a false economy.

Colour Name:Pink/White

Product Description

The Morphy Richards steam iron steam generator, Jet Steam, steam generator from Morphy Richards is excellent for quick crease removal, even on stubborn creases. The Morphy Richards steam iron steam generator produces 100g of steam which relaxes the fibres in garments to make it easier to remove all creases, even in heavy fabrics such as denim and linen. This huge steam, combined with a water spray feature, helps save time by providing excellent crease removal. Each garment is left pristine and wrinkle-free, giving you garments you can be proud of. The Morphy Richards steam iron steam generator 333300 with intellitemp, No Burns Guaranteed* (*subject to terms and conditions)

Box Contains

1 x Steam generator iron and base; instruction booklet

From the manufacturer

Morphy Richards 333020 Jet Steam Generator, 2200 W, Pink/White

This Jet Steam steam generator from Morphy Richards is excellent for quick crease removal, even on stubborn creases. It produces 100 g of steam which relaxes the fibres in garments to make it easier to remove all creases, even in heavy fabrics such as denim and linen.

  • Durable stainless steel soleplate effectively removes creases.
  • 100 g high level steam output to help you get through your ironing pile with ease.
  • Large 1 L detachable water tank so you spend less time refilling.
  • Water spray to help you tackle those extra tough creases quickly.
  • Replaceable anti-scale cartridge to help prolong the life of the product.

Make Ironing Quicker and Easier

This huge steam, combined with a water spray feature, helps save time by providing excellent crease removal. Each garment is left pristine and wrinkle-free, giving you garments you can be proud of.

Make Ironing Quicker and Easier

This Jet Steam steam generator from Morphy Richards is excellent for quick crease removal, even on stubborn creases. It produces 100 g of steam which relaxes the fibres in garments to make it easier to remove all creases, even in heavy fabrics such as denim and linen.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Introducing our most hardwearing soleplate: Stainless Steel. With its incredible durability it is built to last and will keep removing creases for years to come.

Large Water Tank

The Jet Steam has a large, detachable 1 L water tank, so you can iron more between refills. The continuous-fill boiler means you can refill during use, without needing to wait for the system to cool down, helping to save you time.

Quick Heat Up

Get started on your ironing quicker with a steam generator that heats up and is ready to use in less than two minutes.


Water Spray

A water spray which is ideal for applying additional moisture to really tough creases for a perfect finish.

Soft Grip Handle

For a safe and comfortable hold the Jet Steam has a soft grip gel handle.

Easy to maintain

This steam generator is easy to maintain as it uses a replaceable antiscale cartridge. This helps to maintain the life and performance of your steam generator by filtering the water you use, providing optimum performance for longer.

Brand Morphy Richards
Model Number Morphy Richards
Colour Pink/White
Item Weight 3.75 Kg
Product Dimensions 36 x 17.5 x 30 cm
Power / Wattage 2200 watts
Voltage 240 volts
Material Stainless Steel
Auto Shutoff No
Energy Efficiency Class A to G