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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 64GB

  • 79,99 £ / Cheapest Price on Internet

Brand: Xiaomi
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(Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 64GB)
  • 10 Apr 2020, Fri
Not bad but there's better
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Looks quality, good battery life and 48MP cameraBut you get a better phone for your money with a huawei p smart 2019, for exampleA bit heavy, scratches easily, fingerprint reader unreliable and UI needs attentionAdditionly, just found out doesn't support WiFi calling in UK with major phone providers

Amazon Customer
  • 17 Dec 2019, Tue
Not impressed
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

My first and last Xiaomi phone.

There are several cons with this phone.

Firstly, the 48Mp camera is not 48Mp. Instead it's a 12Mp camera that upscales to 48Mp.

The software is riddled with ads, not all of which can be disabled.

Xiaomi phones have a their own MUI OS that sits on top of the Android OS. Because of this, it is NOT possible to change the DNS settings manually. This means it can't be used with SmartDNS services that bypass geo restrictions.

Also, unlike other Dual Sims phones I have used, there is NO option to decide which SIM you want to call from when you make a call. One SIM is set as default and to change this you must go into the settings menu. This is a real pain.

The most annoying point is that there is a problem with people calling this phone hearing an echo. People that have called me have told me it very annoying to the point they have ended the call. from what I have read onine, there is no fix for this and Xiaomi don't seem to be interested in solving it.

For all the fancy features of any phone it is a phone at the end of the day and if it can't make a simple call without problems - it isn't worth buying.

I would avoid this phone and from what I know now, all Xiaomi phones.

UPDATE: As of 28/12/2019 the MUI has just been updated to version 11.0.2. This now allows DNS settings to be changed and to select which SIM card you want to dial from when maing the call. Better, so I'll up my rating from 2* to 3*.

Too early to say if the call echo problem has been solved as this was always an intermitent problem.


  • 20 Oct 2019, Sun
Terrible battery life.
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Lovely phone but absolutely terrible battery life. Needs charging 2 times a day with very little use. Excellent camera and other features by Xiaomi but the battery let's the phone down badly.

  • 25 Sep 2019, Wed
Battery life is a joke
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Got this nearly 2 weeks ago. charged it up, took to work .never used it until lunch time. Battery was at 50%. So switched back to Mi6 and did some searches and reduced the screen light, turned all notifications off then went deeper into the phone to turn all Xiaomi stuff off. Will use again tomorrow if no better will put it down to a duff battery and return to store for an exchange. no point having a phone if it has to be plugged in all the time.

  • 14 Jul 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Well 1.you have to manually allow notification for each application otherwise u will not get notifications 2.if you want to turn it on mobile data the drop windowbdissappear after each tap so if you want to on or off few other option you have to do it individualy 3. No headphone with the phone, for this money they should be in package - dissapointed 4. Camera not so good 3 *

  • 27 Dec 2018, Thu
IT was mistake
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I bought this phone because i heard good opinion about ciałami, but what's i expected never happend... Touch screen is not response quickly, battery run out very quickly, i use to have iPhone and i could double language hear i dont have this option.... And the price i bought one mont ago and the price is 70 pounds less... Deffinitly not recommend...


Product Description

[ Design Upgrade ] 2.5D glass enclosure in popular colors 88.3% high screen-to-body ratio 88.3% high screen-to-body rati [ Camera Upgrade ] 48MP quad camera More than just ultra-clear pictures Portraits, wide-angle, and macro, have it all 48MP ultra-high resolution Photos with almost 19 times the phone screen resolution You can clearly make out posters off in the distance 120° anti-distorsion and ultra wide-angle camera A wider view for stunning landscape photos Record your beautiful travels Portraits that bring out your beauty Depth camera Adjustable background blur Shoot masterpieces that stand out from the crowd 2cm macro lens Record even the most minute of details 13MP Camera Professional portrait selfies with beauty filters [ Experience Upgrade ] 4000mAh Battery Capacity + 18W Fast Charge Supports multifunctional NFC TÜV Rheinland certified display Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 flagship experience Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core processor Extraordinary gaming experience Supports multifunctional NFC Turns your phone to a wallet A full charge in 2 hours 4000mAh power + 18W Fast Charge TÜV Rheinland professional certification 6.3" FHD + Eye protection display 1217 super linear speakers More than loud excellent sound quality A Secret Feature: Auto Cleaning Speaker [ Quality Upgrade ] Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and back Splash-resistant nano-coating Superior quality Strong Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front and back Splash-resistant nano-coating Take everyday accidents in stride Processor -Processor frequency: 2 GHz -Processor family: Qualcomm Snapdragon -Processor model: 665 -Processor cores: 8 -64-bit