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Brand: Smeg
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  • 12 Jan 2019, Sat
Not impressed
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Like: the name, the specs , the base looks very attractive.
It appears to juice well and squeeze Well, e.g. kale.
Juice: The juice seriously separates after about 10/15minutes, as shown . It was kale and apple.
The juice had some bits in it, However, it too some time to get the lever to adjust juice fee density. Then it dawned on cleaning. It controls the rubber thing under the juicing bowl which all vertical slow juicers appear to have and which controls pulp back pressure. The lever, ensbles the plastic thing to be pushed in, or loosely or opened during juicing! So nice touch.
Disassembly: It seems to leave whole pieces unjuiced at the top which were not pulled in by the auger.
Dislike: plastic galore on the upper part. The grey trim looks cheap , like plastic from a bucket.
It has too many nooks and crannies/ grooves on the underside of the bowl, and under the lid, or areas that will trap dirt, be a nightmare to dry out, where germs or mould could breed, including the plunger.
The ingredients need to be cut small, even when they are, the tube gets blocked and the reverese does not budge it, necessitating to unscrew the lid cover( which for some odd reason has an additional black plastic underside screwd to the outer grey plastic with the mandatory nooks and crannies. Why, it does not look premium or maybe added to justify the cost.
After juicing and on two separate occasions, ie after the pulp and juice stopped coming out( ie, mission accomplished) , i unscrewed the grey cover which would not budge and instead the whole set up, including the bowl came off. When I did manage to unscrew the bowl, hey Preston! A solitary piece of Apple sat wedged at the top if the auger. On another occasion, a solitary piece of sharon fruit sat atop the auger, unsqeezed-Yet the machine to all intents had completed juicing on both occasions.
Worse to come. The basket and the seive would not budge to separate.
Then under the auger, a substantial amount of pulp had accumulated in less than half hour.<

A Customer
  • 17 Oct 2017, Tue
Looks beautiful and is a great quality juicer
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Arrived the next day. Looks beautiful and is a great quality juicer.

Colour Name:Red

Freshly squeeze a healthy start each morning using the Smeg Slow Juicer. Its 500 ml juice chamber captures each drop of cold-pressed juice as it's produced. The 150 W motor uses Slow Squeezing technology to compress the high collection of nutrients from each fruit or vegetable you squeeze, while the juice density regulation lever allows you to adjust the juice thickness to a consistency that suits you. The reverse function pushes the contents upwards to relieve pressure build-up during juicing, so your juicer can continue squeezing at its optimal performance. The rotating brush tackles the task of cleaning when it's required with the use of four brushing tools that provide a hassle-free clean of the juicer's compartments after use. The stainless steel and plastic plated structures are wrapped in a retro inspired black colour coating for a combination of durable materials and timeless design.

Brand Smeg
Model Number 2724613430136
Colour Red
Item Weight 9.28 Kg
Product Dimensions 17.1 x 26.9 x 41.2 cm