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Breville VKJ318 2L

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Brand: Breville
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(Breville VKJ318 2L)
  • 18 Dec 2019, Wed
Great item at a reasonable price.
Reviewed on Ebay

In good working order, and boxed

  • 09 Dec 2019, Mon
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

with only boiling one cup at a time it is quicker than waiting for a kettle to boil.


  • 08 Dec 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

It saves time and makes it easy to make drinks of varying sixes quicker than a kettle. Also it is safer than lifting a heavy kettle. refill lid release being at the back is a bit inconvenient

  • 06 Dec 2019, Fri
Great for a cuppa.
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This is my second purchase of one of these, the last one lasted me about four or five years which is impressive as we use it a lot. You can adjust the amount of water for different size cups or mugs which is very useful. Easy to use, would highly recommend.

  • 04 Dec 2019, Wed
Have a cuppa
Reviewed on Ebay

I love this item. So easy to have a cuppa. Only wish I could change cup size. Would recommend.

  • 04 Dec 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Just to put a cup under and it’s all done.

Confirmed purchaser
  • 04 Dec 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Easy to use quick and great quality.

  • 04 Dec 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk


  • 03 Dec 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

Various mug or cup sizes are not an issue as you can adjust amount of water to be heated.

  • 28 Nov 2019, Thu
A sage way to hot water
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This is the best of the bunch. It gives you the option of filling like a kettle, if needed. Avoids the lifting of a boiling kettle. It makes life easier and safer. Boil the volume of water you need, without excess. Saves energy.

  • 28 Nov 2019, Thu
Save you money
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

This my 2nd one now I kill the last one somehow, but now got new one and save you money as you just boil water you just need not like kettle and so easy use. One thing I do fill this with jug and got say if you live on your own or going buy for someone who on own I say buy it would not be with out mine now best thing I buy so far

  • 28 Nov 2019, Thu
Time saving
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I have only just used this for one week and it seems to meet my expectations so far. I do wonder if after many months of use the temperature will decrease/diminish, as there is no temperature adjustment on the unit and we like the tea boiling hot. Time will tell! But I would recommend it as you can walk away and leave your cup to fill.

  • 28 Nov 2019, Thu
Hot cup
Reviewed on Ebay

At the moment it works well thanks


  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
The kettle looks great in red
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I like the variable water despencer as you can use any size cup

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
Looks great boils super quick ideal item
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Very pleased with this item ticks all the boxes.

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
Looks really nice and is so easy to use
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

Bought product for my disabled mum .its so much easier for her to use as her hands are riddled with arthritis.shes really impressed with how easy it is to use and she loves the colour .shes only had it a week and she said she can make a brew on her own as its safer to use rhan a kettle .

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
Great except for filling teapots
Reviewed on Argos.co.uk

I bought this for my Mum, who has trouble lifting a kettle. It's very good except they the distance between the hot water nozzle and the vertical face of the body is quite small, so you can't fill a conventional China teapot. Otherwise it's fine, it seems solid and well made.

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
Water dispenser at its very best..
Reviewed on Ebay

Owned many hot water dispensers, this is one of the best.

  • 27 Nov 2019, Wed
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

So quick to use and as I have arthritis in my hands, makes life so much easier. I don’t have to lift a heavy kettle full of boiling water..

  • 24 Nov 2019, Sun
Reviewed on Currys.co.uk

I don't have to ever lift a kettle again, as I have bad hands.. Well I don't have any bad points, only my coffee not ready for me on a morning ha ha.

Style Name:Single

Product Description

The Breville Hot Cup with Variable Dispense VKJ318 is a hot water dispenser which can give you boiling water in 40 seconds. This second generation Hot Cup has features including a 2 litre capacity, a variable dispense feature so you can use 9 different sized cups, and a stop button.

The Breville Hot Cup provides a quick and simple solution for conserving electricity usage and saving time. The Breville Hot Cup VKJ318 dispenses just as much boiling water as you like, and this updated version has a stop button so you can choose the right number of cups to boil. The Hot Cup’s sleek and innovative design with a blue illumination upon boil are designed to add a sense of style and sophistication to any kitchen.

The Breville Hot Cup with Variable Dispense VKJ318 is easy to use – simply lift the main unit off the base and fill up at a tap just like a kettle. The base has a removable drip tray, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. No hassle, no fuss.

It is important to regularly de-scale your Hot Cup dependent on the hardness of your water. Please refer to the Instruction Booklet for directions.

Box Contains

1 x Breville Hot Cup 1 x Drip tray 1 x Instruction booklet 1 x One-year manufacturer's warranty

From the manufacturer

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser with Variable Dispense, 2 Litre, Gloss Black

At a Glance
Dispenses water at the touch of a button Boils water in 1 minute Select from 9 cup sizes Separate stop button so you can stop mid cycle 2.0L (6-10 cup) capacity Easy to use: just lift it off the base like a kettle Energy-efficient design boils only the water it uses Large water opening makes filling easy Gloss black finish and stainless steel trim

Enjoy Speedy Hot Drinks in Just 60 Seconds

Speed up your morning routine with the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. Featuring a 9-size cup size selector that dispenses water at the push of a button, it’s all the benefits of a kettle without the wait or waste. Thanks to a large tank holding up to 10 drinks, it’s great for busy families, rushed morning routines or a fast afternoon treat. The hot water machine has a clean look and a water tank that glows when boiling. A removable drip tray and limescale filter make it easy to maintain. Enjoying delicious hot drinks has never been simpler.

Hot Water Dispenser Includes:

2.0L water tank Removable easy-to-clean drip tray Permanent limescale filter
Simple, Instant Boiling Water

Push the button and in 60 seconds you enjoy boiling water for ultra-fast tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate and more. Thanks to Breville, it's never been easier to get an instant pick me up.

Choose from 9 Cup Sizes

Select from 9 different cup sizes for just the right amount of liquid and a precise pour with less waste. There's also a stop button so you can stop the flow mid cycle.

Easy Fill Water Tank

The big, easy open water tank makes it fast to fill while the 2.0L capacity delivers up to 10 hot drinks - perfect for a just a cup or bigger groups such as families and meetings. It's everything you appreciate about a kettle and so much more.

Stylish and Easy to Clean

Sleek, attractive and featuring clean lines, it has a gloss black finish with eye-catching stainless steel trim and a water tank that glows blue when boiling. A removable drip tray and permanent limescale filter make it easy to clean and maintain.

Removable Drip Tray

2L Capacity

Energy Efficient

Blue When Boiling

Breville HotCup Dispenser, VKJ142 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Cup Size Select, VKJ318 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Height Adjust, VKT124 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Cup Select and Height Adjust, VKT111 Breville BRITA HotCup Dispenser with Cup Select, VKJ367 Capacity 1.5L 2.0L 1.7L 2.0L 1.8L Time to Boil 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds Large Water Window ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Manual Stop Function ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Drip Tray Removable Removable Removable and Height Adjustable Removable and Height Adjustable Removable Cup Size Selector ✓ ✓ ✓ Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter BRITA Filter with MAXTRA Technology
Brand Breville
Model Number VKJ318
Colour Gloss Black
Item Weight 1.92 Kg
Product Dimensions 17 x 28 x 27.7 cm
Capacity 2 litres
Volume Capacity 2 litres
Power / Wattage 3000 watts
Material Plastic
Auto Shutoff No
Special Features Concealed Heating