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Russell Hobbs 23210 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle Stainless Steel 3000 W 1 7 Litre Red
Russell Hobbs

  • 37,98 £ / Cheapest Price on Internet

Brand: Russell Hobbs Power: 3000 Watt Water Capacity: 1.7 Litres Auto Shut Off: Yes Boil Dry Protection: Yes Cord Length: 0.61 m
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(Russell Hobbs 23210 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle Stainless Steel 3000 W 1 7 Litre Red)
  • 07 Sep 2019, Sat
Water tastes of plastic.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The kettle is good in every way EXCEPT I can taste plastic. I thought this was because it was new so persevered however, tea tastes terrible. I will be returning it.

  • 06 Aug 2019, Tue
Poor quality lid doesn’t match the good quality of the rest of the kettle
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Good quality and performance but let down badly by the poor quality of its lid. The spring is weak and the lid doesn’t close smoothly. On occasion, the lid springs open just as the kettle has reached boiling point

Christine Mary Thomas

  • 25 Jun 2019, Tue
Taste like plastic
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I just purchased and boiled more than 5 times, the water tasted so chemical :(

  • 15 May 2019, Wed
Dissapointed: Very noisy and not well built!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Noisy from day one and we should have returned it then, but now only 5 months old and the switch has broken off with normal daily use!

Discerning Welsh consumer
  • 13 May 2019, Mon
Broke after 3 months of use
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Was a great little kettle, but sadly let down by poor on switch, which has broken off after 3 months or useLuckily, I bought it when it was on sale so it did not cost the full price and now seems hardly worth the bother of returning it

Chris Burns
  • 07 May 2019, Tue
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This kettle broke down after a couple of months, the flat knob you push down to boil the kettle came out of it's plastic holder which had cracked and broke. A complete waste of £50.I went for a known brand but Russell Hobbs let me down,shame.

  • 15 Apr 2019, Mon
Sorry about the taste
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Excellent is all departments - apart from plastic taint to water. Had to return.

  • 06 Apr 2019, Sat
Awful metallic taste
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Lovely looking kettle, had to return as could not get rid of awful metallic taste. Very disappointed.

  • 06 Apr 2019, Sat
Not fit for purpose! Foul tasting water.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I normally read reviews but in this case I didn't because it was a Which? Best Buy.I have experienced the same issue as many the other one star reviewers. It looks good, is fairly quiet and not particularly expensive but even after following all the the instructions i.e. boiling and throwing away the first few lots of water...... and many attempts after that, the tea or coffee is still undrinkable. I wrote to Russell Hobbs explaining the issue and their only suggestion was to return it for a refund which I have done. They gave no indication of why the water might taste so awful or anything I could do to stop this happening. It's odd that some people don't seem to experience this. If you buy this you are taking a risk and may have to return it or you may be one of the lucky ones.

Ian J Beaumont
  • 04 Apr 2019, Thu
Quiet kettle
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The colour is a bit 'brash' for my taste, not a subtle red, but the kettle at the time of purchase was cheaper than the cream. It is much quieter than my previous kettle, like the fact the lid opens with the press of a button.

Pam Ryder
  • 06 Mar 2019, Wed
Not quiet boil!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Kettle looks great, but definitely not quiet boil by any means! Really disappointed with this feature as that was the main reason for purchasing it.

  • 03 Mar 2019, Sun
Not amazingly quiet!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

We decided to buy this kettle as recommended and our old bulky kettle had died. It is slightly, but not much more quieter than our 'years old kettle' . It does smell sort of plasticky....I thought that would wear off after a few boils, but we have had it about a week now, so... However, the smell hasn't affected taste that we have noticed thus far! It's a tidy design that is a lot sleeker than our old kettle and it pours well. Would have given a higher rating had it lived up to the 'quiet kettle' promise and had it not been for the unpleasant smell. Also expected it to arrive on time given was ordered on Amazon Prime! That said, so far relatively happy with it.

  • 17 Feb 2019, Sun
Paint residue on the inside imparts oily taste.
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Love the design and color (gray). However the kettle imparted an oily flavor to the water which only faded after about a week and a lot of scouring out of the interior. The interior appears to have been contaminated with a gray residue that may have been from the exterior finish. A lot of cleaning later the residue appears to have gone.

peter d

  • 13 Feb 2019, Wed
Should be 5 Stars...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

This should be a 5-Star kettle, it's a great design, looks really smart, seems well constructed, boils super quiet and super quick but the water it produces tastes rank.... We've used it for best part of a month in the hope it will improve but with the return deadline approaching it's now going back... We did think that maybe we were imagining it or that somehow our water supply had changed (our water isn't great, it's hard and often has a lot of chlorine in it), but we carried out a taste test with boiled water from a pan on the hob (old skool) - definately the kettle! On taking it out of service ready to pack up last night it looks like the coating on the element (that helps keep it quiet) is coming off (see pic) - we've been drinking that.... not particularly happy and somewhat concerned... Maybe our hard chlorine water attacks this coating, who knows (?) it's not fit for purpose in any case... I deliberated long and hard about this kettle, as so many seem to be critcally flawed so am very dissapointed... back to the drawing board it seems... wont be buying another Russel Hobbs either...

  • 10 Feb 2019, Sun
I want a refund
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I have just opened box to use it firs time today. Push button was broke. I have just saw on here my return time has ended 31st of January. Is there anybody to help me on that issue please?I would like to return that item and refund of my money.Every item is in its original box and wraps.Thank you

  • 05 Feb 2019, Tue
Not quiet...
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Definitely not quiet - I don’t know how RH can say this. It is louder than the 5 year old RH kettle I had previously! Everything else about it is fine...

Natasha W.
  • 01 Feb 2019, Fri
Kettle isn t really grey
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

this kettle does boil water fast.nice kettle but it is sold as GREY , and what the pic shows is exactly what I wanted , but it has actually got a very purple sheen to it which doesn't match with my kitchen.Also it looks like a sturdy kettle but has really quite plastikey feeling. .good but can't see why it is so much more expensive than a lot of kettles

Nelly B.
  • 26 Jan 2019, Sat
Not so quiet!
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

Noisier than I expected, I went for this model as it said it was quiet. Not cheap either, paid more than I normally would for a kettle

  • 14 Jan 2019, Mon
is a lot less heavy than other kettles
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

The kettle boils a lot more quietly than my previous one but takes longer to boil when full

susan w
  • 01 Jan 2019, Tue
In fact, not very quiet
Reviewed on Amazon.co.uk

I bought this kettle on my brother's recommendation, to replace an old Kenwood kettle that had started to leak. Like many of the reviewers on here he raved about how quiet it is so I figured it was worth the £40 cost - at least £10 more than most others on sale.First impression? MUCH noisier than our old Kenwood which was not a special 'quiet boil' kettle. It looks nice and appears to be well made, but quiet? Nope.


Start your day right with this red kettle from Russell Hobbs. With a 1.7 litre capacity, it can make up to 7 cups at once – so it’s perfect for hosting afternoon tea. Its 3000 Watt power output and rapid boil feature helps to boil your water in a flash, which is great for a quick morning coffee before work. You won’t need to worry about spills either, as the design of the perfect pour spout prevents any accidental splashes. It’s even illuminated in an attractive blue light when in use, so you’ll know when it’s time to get the biscuits out.

Rapid boil 23210-70

Cut down the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee thanks to our rapid boil zone technology, which will bring water for one cup up to temperature in just 55 seconds** – giving you more time to relax with your refreshment.

Count in cups

With a generous capacity of 1.7 litres, you can cater for a large family or a friendly gathering. Want a more precise measure for a smaller group of thirsty friends? Well you can count on this kettle, with its 1/2/3 cup volume feature.

Colour:Red  |  Style Name:Luna Kettle

Product Description

Designed with a rapid boil, this kettle is ideal for those hectic mornings when you need to grab a quick drink on your way out of the house. With water that can be boiled in under a minute, you’ll have plenty of time to really relax and enjoy your brew.
The beautiful charm will be what draws you in, but its count in cups feature will make you want to take it home. With a capacity that can cater for the whole family or a group of your friends round for coffee morning, you can easily fill up just the right amount you need to boil. The Solar Red Luna Kettle saves you from messing around with measurements, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Russell Hobbs 23210 Luna Kettle, Red
  • Instruction booklet

From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Red Kettle, Two Slice Toaster and Filter Coffee Maker

Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Red Kettle, 23210

Russell Hobbs logo
About the brand

Modern life is so busy that we rarely stop to appreciate things. Nobody has any time anymore.

We’re in a social era, but we don’t meet up. Life just goes on at too quick a speed.

As a brand, we’re just trying to remind people to slow down, and appreciate the moment more. Whether it’s a moment to celebrate or not, something big or small, every day or once a year, it’s about going round and getting the kettle on, getting together for a brunch, or even just taking a second to reflect.

Russell Hobbs Luna Quiet Boil Red Kettle

Bring the extraordinary into the everyday with this magical lunar eclipse inspired collection. Its two unique and stunning shades are the remarkable colours that can be seen by the human eye when an eclipse occurs.

With an inspiring appearance and spectacular performance this collection is out of this universe.

The Solar Red Luna Kettle brings a unique charm to any kitchen. Designed with a rapid boil, this kettle is perfect for those hectic mornings when you need to grab a quick drink.

  • Quiet boil
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Matching two slice toaster and filter coffee maker


Boils one cup (235 ml) in 45 seconds

Cut down the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee thanks to our rapid boil zone technology, which will bring water for one cup (235 ml) up to temperature in just 45 seconds – giving you more time to relax with your refreshment.

Rapid Boil 3Kw

With 3 kW of power you can be sure of a speedy brew in no time. Featuring a capacity that can cater for the whole family or a group of your friends round for coffee morning, you can easily fill up just the right amount you need to boil.

The Solar Red Luna Kettle saves you from messing around with measurements, so you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Perfect pour spout

The ‘perfect pour’ water spout helps you to avoid spills and keep your kettle clean without any hassle.

It also boasts a removable, washable filter, a concealed heating element and cord storage.

Quiet Boil

The Luna Red Kettle has quiet boil technology, which makes it up to 70% quieter than your average kettle*. So don’t miss out on any of the conversation and create a great pot of tea for the whole family with the Luna Red Kettle.

*When tested against other Russell Hobbs kettles without Quiet Boil technology

Boxed Red kettle

Product Specification

The super stylish Luna Kettle in red stainless steel will add a welcome splash of colour to your kitchen, while offering plenty of advantages when it comes to a quick drink and functional convenience.

  • Red stainless steel 1.7 L kettle with illuminated water window
  • Rapid boil zone features 1/2/3 cup volumes
  • Boils 1 cup in 45 seconds (1 cup is equal to 235 ml of water)
  • Save up to 66% energy by boiling 1 cup (235 ml) vs 1 litre
  • Quiet boil technology
  • Easy push-button-to-open lid
  • Boil dry protection
  • Perfect pour spout
  • Removable, washable filter
Brand Russell Hobbs
Model Number 23210
Colour Red
Item Weight 1.34 Kg
Product Dimensions 22.5 x 15.8 x 24.5 cm
Capacity 1.7 litres
Volume Capacity 1.7 litres
Power / Wattage 3000 watts
Material Stainless Steel
Auto Shutoff No